Portrait Photo of Senior Couple Hugging and Laughing while sitting on a Couch at Stellar Living Communities

The Stellar Senior Living Foundation

—a way to give back to our own.



Local Organizations


Donations given now through 2024 will be matched by Stellar Senior Living owners—up to $200,000!

It should be easier to serve.

We know how naturally you’re drawn to responding to the needs of those around you. But giving is often complicated, isn’t it? People are private, and hardships can be overwhelming. So if you’re like most, you end up spending more energy wanting to help than actually helping.

As the founders and owners of Stellar Senior Living, we know the feeling! We regularly hear about the needs in and around our communities and always respond as best we can. So often, though, we are met with barriers that make giving an uphill battle. That’s why we took a bold step to launch…

The Stellar Senior Living Foundation

—a fund that helps us all give back to the people we care about.

Here’s our vision in less than a minute.

Their focus on seniors is heartening. They help provide resources and companionship to the elderly. My family participated in a community fundraiser at the location where my mom lives, and we were able to contribute to the Foundation through a really fun event. It was a fulfilling experience that I am glad we were a part of.

The Stellar Senior Living Foundation fosters a sense of community and interconnectedness between seniors, employees and professionals who all want to help make a difference.

Together, we can do more.

Here’s how it works:

We all give.

As owners, employees, residents, and friends of Stellar Senior Living, our donations determine the size of our impact.

Our nest egg grows.

Like all charitable foundations, opportunities for abundant generosity increase with each passing year.

More people are helped.

We dream of the day when we can say “yes” as often as we receive requests from Stellar communities.


All members of our extended communities may request support.


Stellar Senior Living residents are invited to apply on behalf of themselves or their families for educational scholarships or hardship relief.


Likewise, Stellar Senior Living employees and their families are eligible to apply for help with educational or citizenship pursuits and financial emergencies.


Local organizations, like The Alzheimer’s Association and Honor Flight, offer ongoing support to our residents; we give back as we can.

Donations given now through 2024 will be matched by Stellar Senior Living owners—up to $200,000!

You might still be wondering…

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes! The Stellar Senior Living Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3), and you will receive a receipt for your gifts.

How will I know my gift is helping?

We can’t wait to share more and more stories of transformation and hope with you! You’ll receive a report each year that outlines the impact of your gift, and we’ll send good news to your inbox as often as we can!

I only have a little; will it help?

Yes! Imagine the impact of a few dollars per month given by all Stellar Senior Living employees and residents. It adds up quickly and can mean a whole lot to a family in need. Remember, we’re in this together!

I’m a resident; how do I donate?

You may use the “START GIVING” button below to give online, or you may request a gift of any amount to be added to your monthly Stellar Senior Living invoice. Just ask McKay Allen and we’ll take care of it for you. Don’t worry; if your circumstances change, you can adjust or remove your gift at any time.

I am an employee; how do I donate?

Please click the “START GIVING” button below to choose how you would like to give.

I am a community organization; can we partner?

We’d love to explore the possibility! Please reach out to McKay Allen at (801) 425-9193 so we can discuss.

Our world is filled with good people going through hard things. Your acts of kindness and generosity are a reminder to our own that we’re in this together. Thank you for who you are!

You continuously put the “stellar” in Stellar Senior Living.