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Feeling stumped?

When circuits blow in our homes, a light flashes to tell us exactly where the problem is, and usually, a mere flip of a switch gets us back in business. If only issues in your community were half as obvious and easy to overcome…

The truth is, things have probably been eroding, out of sight, for years. Your numbers alert you to a problem, but it’s probably tough to pinpoint the cause, let alone what to do about it. May we offer a fresh perspective? We are senior living operators who come alongside opportunity-rich communities with innovative strategies, robust resources, and an aligned leadership approach that consistently results in 100% occupancy and ceiling-shattering NOI.

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As our partner, you can expect:

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Fully Aligned Leadership Team

We believe that we should only win when your company does, so we’re all incentivized to go after the same goal.

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Institutional Partners at Joint Ventures

Some of our partners only need a management partner, others prefer a capital partner—we can discuss both.

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Enthusiastically Embodied Core Values

The values that guide our family also guide all aspects of our work: Service, integrity, inspiration, and joy.

We exist to make senior living better.

At Stellar Senior Living, we are a family owned and operated company passionate about giving seniors a delightful retirement experience and their children peace of mind.

  • 8 states
  • 33 communities
  • 4400+ beds
  • 3 new builds
  • 2900+ employees

Our approach is simple & smart.

The idea of a management transition is probably overwhelming, but we handle all the heavy lifting.

Here’s what you can expect:


First, we build teams.

We start with three months of net move-ins. By the end of this window, all management positions are filled, trained, and properly incentivized.


Then, we build occupancy.

Once we have the best team in place, we go after occupancy by overhauling marketing spend, concessions, rental rates, sales training & commission, and critical capital improvements.


And finally, we build ops.

With key components in place, we expand margin, positioning us to increase revenue while managing expenses.

What would this process look like in your community?


SEE WHAT’S POSSIBLE >> Click “Let’s Talk” to request a 10-year Pro Forma budget, competitor analysis, and operational review.

Allow us to introduce you to a few of our communities.

Aerial view of The Palms at Sun City senior living building

Light capex and team change

The Palms at Sun City

The transformation at The Palms of Sun City, a 211-unit independent living and assisted living community, was swift. With a strategic investment of $1 to $2 million in light capital expenditures, we updated common areas such as carpeting, painting, and lighting, coupled with minimal unit upgrades. Within eight months of renovations, team shifts & development, we helped propel occupancy rates from 70% to full capacity.

  • Replaced six key team members
  • Increased occupancy from 70% to 100%
  • Grew EBITDAR from $100K to $367K per month

View of the Creekside Senior Living building from the premises

New construction

Creekside Senior Living

Creekside Senior Living, a new development nestled in the heart of Bountiful, Utah, has a remarkable story. With 130 assisted living and memory care units, we helped this community emerge as a beacon of excellence upon its opening in 2018. Within 11 months of deliberate partnership, we achieved full occupancy, solidifying our position as the market leader in rental rates and revenue.

  • 103 units (AL & MC)
  • Filled to 100% in 11 months
  • Leader in market rent pricing

Copper Creek main building

Struggling new build

Copper Creek Senior Living

Copper Creek in South Jordan, Utah, was a new and struggling community. Despite its underperformance at 70% occupancy upon our acquisition in January 2023, we swiftly implemented a comprehensive turnaround strategy. Bolstered by a new team comprising sales experts, business office managers, directors of nursing, and maintenance personnel, we helped to orchestrate a promising transformation. Within a mere seven months, occupancy rates elevated to 90%.

  • Replaced four key team members
  • Increased occupancy from 70% to 90% in seven months
  • Grew EBITDAR from $44K to $131K per month

Senior Living Community building

Value add

Stellar Starting Portfolio

Once a collection of four dilapidated buildings, it is now a thriving hub of senior living excellence. Over the past decade, we've invested $12 million in capital expenditures, rejuvenating these properties from the inside out. From refreshing common spaces and exteriors to complete interior overhauls, including furniture, fixtures, lighting, carpeting, and paint, our meticulous attention to detail has yielded remarkable results. With improved operations, team development, and a 15-unit expansion at North Star, these communities are in a strong position for long-term success.

  • $12M investment
  • 15 unit expansion
  • Value increased from $40M to $85M

Still scrolling? You might still be wondering…

What makes a community eligible for your consideration?

Our starting investment criteria for communities are:

  • 100 units (combined IL + AL + Memory Care)
  • 100,000 area population
  • Private pay
  • Direct flight from Salt Lake City
How many communities do you manage? And how would we fit into the mix?

There are currently 33 Stellar Senior Living communities. Our goal is to impact a total of 10,000 lives (employees + community members) by 2030, which represents serving roughly 20 additional communities.

Are you merely an operating company or will you invest capital?

We’re always open to a conversation about investing capital. In fact, when the circumstances are right, we prefer the alignment that comes with shared ownership.

Switching to a different operator sounds like a massive undertaking; how do you ease the transition?

After an agreement is made, our partnership starts with a week of integration. Ten to fifteen of our leadership team members will be in-house to connect with your administration and employees. You can expect fun and celebration, but not at the expense of getting some serious work accomplished. Then, after this critical week of transition, we’ll take over operations management and walk your team through every step of transformation.

Are there any areas of operation you don't handle?

We are not the right partner for standalone active adult communities.

Will you retain our in-house team?

Probably! We understand that your people are everything. We’ll look for every opportunity to invest in employees who need development but aren’t afraid to make bold changes as circumstances require it.

How are you paid?

We are paid a market standard of 5% of revenue for traditional operations management. When capital is invested, we will negotiate an agreement that sets both parties up for success. Either way, strategic incentives ensure our goals are fully aligned.

If I click "Let's Talk," what happens from there?

You’ll initiate a call with a business development team member here. On the call, we’ll discuss the opportunity. Then, we’ll send over a personalized 10-year operational pro forma, demand studies, and other insights about the market should you choose to keep the conversation going.

No matter your circumstances, we promise it’s worth a conversation.

If you’re ready to unearth opportunity, we’re all in.