The luxury of vacation & the comforts of home.

Safe, happy parents make everyone feel secure.

At Stellar Senior Living, we’re a family owned and operated company, passionate about giving seniors a delightful retirement experience and their adult children peace of mind.

We take your trust seriously.

The values that guide us as a family are the same values you can always expect from our company:


We pledge to diligently serve our residents, their families, and each other with care, compassion and love. We are service oriented.


We pledge to act responsibly, to be trustworthy, and to take responsibility for our actions. Honesty is our foundation.


We pledge to empower our residents and each other; to seek fulfillment from life by inspiring hopes and dreams. We seek to uplift.


We pledge to help others, every day, to smile, be happy and enjoy life! We are joyful.

Set your expectations high.
We’ll do our best to exceed them.

Meet our team.

Until we can meet your family, here’s a little about ours.

Evrett Benton

President & CEO


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Adam Benton

Senior Vice President, Evrett’s son


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Ray Henderson

Senior Vice President, Evrett’s son-in-law


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