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Be seen. Be valued. Be happy.


When it comes to your work, you want to do more than earn a paycheck—you want to make a difference in people’s lives. But, it’s not always easy.

Working on the frontlines of senior care can be daunting, especially if your workload is unreasonable or your work culture is draining. Maybe you’ve even thought about doing something else entirely. Please don’t! The people you serve deserve someone like you in their corner.

View from the back of caretaker with arms around an elderly patient
Young femal caretaker explaining to elderly couple

Allow us to earn your trust.

At Stellar Senior Living, we believe that—of all the parts of the Stellar “body”—our frontline team is the most critical. You are the hands that care, the feet that serve, the smiles that boost spirits, and the listening ears that comfort.

You are the key to making Stellar a happy home for our community members. So, we’ve done our best to make Stellar a happy place for you, too—a place where your contributions are not only seen but celebrated!

It is a family there; Stellar believes in family. If we need time off to care for our family, the outlook is, please go take care of them. . . The benefits are good, and pay is the best in our area, in my opinion.

[Stellar has] supportive management. [They have] encouraged and paid for multiple professional trainings/certifications for me in the short time I’ve been here.

Hi, I’m Evrett, President &
CEO of Stellar Senior Living.

At Stellar Senior Living, we’re a family owned and operated company, passionate about giving seniors a delightful retirement experience and their children peace of mind. We live out this passion in the 30+ communities we own and manage.

The truth is, we need a lot of help to serve people as well as we always have. So, we are continually searching for professionals who are not only skilled in their area of expertise but also compassionate and eager to serve. Stellar Senior Living is a joyful community because people like you make it that way.

Portrait Photo of Senior Lady Wearing Glasses in an Open-Space Room at Stellar Living Communities

When we find great team members, we do everything in our power to hold on tight.

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We’re small, but not too small.

As a family owned and operated company with just a few dozen communities, we can bypass ivory-tower bologna while still offering the opportunities of a multi-location company.

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We’re passionate, but realistic.

We are careful to keep the population in our care manageable so our employees can wholeheartedly live out the core values we each embrace–service, integrity, inspiration, and joy.


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We’re on your side, but not in your way.

No matter how you begin with Stellar, we don’t expect that to be your role forever. We believe in helping you develop new skills so that you can grow with us (or wherever your journey takes you next).


Competitive wages

Health insurance

401(k) match

Paid time off & holiday pay

Paid training

Supplemental insurance

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Education reimbursement

Career growth potential

Flexible work environment

Employee wellness programs

Employee referral bonuses

Resident referral bonuses

Employee recognition awards

Value-driven culture

Job security in a growing industry

Regular satisfaction surveys

Ongoing and company-sponsored training opportunities

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