Young nurse smiles at older women, patting her shoulders.

A spectrum of services
for a single mission:

Helping seniors live a stellar life, no matter what.


Family matters most.

We’re a family owned and operated business that has served thousands of families like ours. Over the last three decades, we’ve learned that protecting family members is critical, but protecting the family unit is everything.

It’s why we’ve worked so hard to build senior living communities where retired adults can enjoy a first-class life and adult children can rest assured that their parents are safe, happy, and involved in their lives, without having to trade being a child for a caregiver.

Group shot of the Benton Family members

Today, we continue to offer a warm and welcoming home to seniors in our independent living, assisted living, enhanced (memory) care, and skilled care communities. We also offer hospice care. Beyond that, we offer operational management services to other senior living communities that want to improve their ability to serve. Additionally, we’re proud to have launched the Stellar Senior Living Foundation, a fund that allows our community to support one another.

In other words, we’re relentlessly devoted to helping seniors achieve their most stellar lives, no matter what it takes.

Stellar Senior Living is a Benefit Limited Liability Company (BLLC)

A BLLC or Benefit LLC is a type of legal entity that combines aspects of a traditional limited liability company (LLC) with a social mission and purpose. Unlike traditional LLCs, which are primarily focused on maximizing profits for their owners, Benefit LLCs are structured to pursue both financial returns and specific social impact goals.

How may we serve you?

We’re on a mission to make the lives of 10,000+ people significantly better by 2030. If you need our support, we’re honored to help.

Allow us to direct your search by choosing a category below.

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Independent & Assisted Living Communities

Stellar Senior Living communities are where safe and secure meet fun and fabulous. We invite you to click “Find a Community” and explore our independent and assisted living communities near you.

Older woman holding flowers and being embraced by a young nurse

Enhanced (Memory) Care Communities

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia change lives, but we reject the idea that they have to diminish lives. That’s why we created our signature Apollo program, a fresh approach to memory care that adapts to the individual, not just the illness.

Older woman and young nurse sitting on a bench outside of a building

Skilled Care Communities

Whether you or a loved one have experienced a health hiccup or sensed a diminishing quality of life over time, you want to get back to the way things were. Our skilled care communities add tremendous value to your life, never take away from it.

Young hands holding hands of an older person.

Hospice Care

Embracing a season of hospice care can be a lot—a lot to take in and a lot to sort out. At Ovation Hospice, our usually fully Medicare-funded services help you handle all the details of a changing tide so you can trade looming chaos for meaningful connection.

Stellar Living Communities property, view of the yard and the building.

Property Management Services

We love coming alongside opportunity-rich communities as operators. With innovative strategies, robust resources, and an aligned leadership approach, our partners consistently celebrate 100% occupancy and ceiling-shattering NOI.

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Charitable Foundation

We regularly hear about the needs in and around our communities and, as a company, always respond as best we can. So often, though, we are met with barriers that make giving an uphill battle. That’s why we took a bold step to launch the Stellar Senior Living Foundation—a fund that helps us all give back to the people we care about.

Young nurse and elderly woman holding hands and laughing.


Of all the parts of the Stellar “body,” we find our frontline team to be the most critical. They’re the hands that care, the feet that serve, the smiles that boost spirits, and the listening ears that comfort. So, we’ve done our best to make Stellar Senior Living a place where commitment is not only seen but cherished!