11 Fun Day Trips for Senior Living Communities

If you or your loved one is lucky enough to live in a senior living community, you may get the chance to take some day trips. Your senior living community will probably provide their own fun excursions–check their activities schedule to see what they’ve got planned! But if you’re looking for a little extra adventure, check out these 11 fun day trips for people living in senior living communities. And feel free to suggest these fun day trips to your senior living community staff!

Seek the Great Outdoors

Wherever you live, you can find some nature somewhere. Getting in touch with nature has many benefits for seniors. Find a way to explore the natural world near your senior living community. Check out state or national parks near you. Short hikes that don’t require a big change in elevation work well for many senior citizens. You could also just go for a drive and admire the scenery. 

Explore Your City

Have you ever noticed that wherever you call home, you never do any of the tourist-y things people from out of town do? It’s time to change that! Do all the tourist things in your city that you’ve never gotten around to doing. You might be surprised what you can find right around the corner!

Bus Tours

Bus tours are a great option for seniors with mobility challenges. Vehicle-based tours are offered in many places throughout the US. It’s a great way to see new sites without having to walk too far.

Botanical Gardens

If you have a botanical garden near your senior living community, that can be a fun day trip! Some gardens even feature greenhouses that offer a warm welcome on cooler spring or fall days. You can appreciate nature on paved paths that might even be wheelchair accessible!

Do a Restaurant Crawl

Going out to eat is always fun! Make a day of it by doing a restaurant crawl. If you can, find a few restaurants within walking distance of each other and try a different dish at each of them. You can also drive to different locations if you’re not up for walking. Have an appetizer at one restaurant, a salad at another, a main entree at a third, and dessert at a fourth! Or order a small plate to share at each restaurant, and rank your favorites.

See the Zoo or Aquarium

How long has it been since you’ve visited a zoo? You’re never too old to appreciate and learn about animals. While some zoos aren’t for the faint of heart—or the senior who doesn’t want to walk 10 miles (looking at you, San Diego Zoo)–smaller zoos can be a great choice. Many offer trams or train rides as well. Aquariums typically occupy a smaller footprint for less mobile seniors, and are often wheelchair accessible as well. If you have grandchildren or young friends and relatives nearby, make sure to invite them along for added fun!

Visit Local Museums

Appreciating local art is a great way to get out and experience new things. Most museums offer rotating exhibits, so there’s always something new to see. Even small towns typically have an art museum featuring local artists. Make a day of it by going out to lunch afterwards and discussing your favorite pieces. 

Shop ‘Til You Drop

If your senior living community is near a mall, go for a stroll indoors and explore it together! Grab a pretzel and window shop, or find a new favorite outfit. Malls are usually flat, accessible for all, and temperature controlled, so they’re a great option for most seniors.

Go to a Game

Check out your local sports’ team and watch a game! Baseball games are usually low-key, mild-weathered affairs that can be fun for senior citizens. In cooler months, basketball games are indoors, not too long, and fun to watch. This can be a great way to get out and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of live sporting events.

Have a Picnic

Picnics are a relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors and reconnect with nature. You don’t have to do much walking, yet you’re still able to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. 

Go Yard Sale-ing or Antiquing

If it’s summertime, try to find local bargains at yard sales or garage sales. In less pleasant weather, check out antique shops or thrift stores. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s a fun way to get out and spend time together.

Stellar Living hopes you enjoy these 11 fun day trips for senior living communities. Considering senior living? Tour a Stellar community near you today.