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A fresh approach to memory care.

You may feel limited.

You want your loved one to enjoy a full and happy life, despite their cognitive decline. But your options may feel bleak.

In-home care (whether in your home or theirs) often strains relationships, adding stress and discomfort across the board while also depleting caregiver health and well-being. Yet, care in a facility can be unnerving. Will they really be honored there like they should be?

At Stellar Senior Living, we believe: Your loved one has given too much to this world to be dismissed by it.

May we offer a more hopeful solution?

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia change lives, but we reject the idea that they have to diminish lives. That’s why we created our signature Apollo program, a fresh approach to memory care that adapts to the individual, not just the illness.

I was particularly impressed by the ongoing opportunities for family education. The community my mom lives in offers regular support groups and a 3-part education series on dementia and Alzheimer’s tailored to maintaining family relationships. This helped us better understand the challenges we faced with our mom, and that we are not alone in experiencing these things. We learned many strategies for communication moving forward.

Mark T.

The Life Enrichment Coordinator at the community my dad lives in goes above and beyond to create a home-like environment with many activities to participate in. She is constantly playing the guitar or piano for all the residents living there. They also have a friendly dog that lives in the community who brings a lot of joy and meaning to the residents – they get to take her for walks, brush her hair or enjoy pets and snuggles with her.

Angela C.

Hi, I’m Evrett, President &
CEO of Stellar Senior Living.

At Stellar Senior Living, we’re a family owned and operated company, passionate about giving seniors a delightful retirement experience and their children peace of mind. We live out this passion in the 30+ communities we own and manage.

The truth of the matter is, delight shouldn’t stop with cognitive decline. Your loved one is your loved one—a fully feeling human—who deserves a rich and meaningful life, in all its stages. Our signature Apollo program was created for this very purpose, and I have to say—it’s one of our proudest accomplishments.

Portrait Photo of Senior Lady Wearing Glasses in an Open-Space Room at Stellar Living Communities

As an extension of our Assisted Living Communities, each of our Memory Care Communities fully embraces the Apollo way of life, which centers around:


Whether relaxing in the peace and quiet of their charming apartment, breathing in fresh air in the courtyard, or enjoying vibrant comradery in the lounge, residents living in Memory Care are honored with resort-style living, for life.


Based on each person’s interests, we encourage participation in activities from our robust life enrichment calendar (featuring 12+ dignified activities each day) as well as companionship hand-selected to stimulate residents’ minds.


A wellness plan is carefully crafted for your unique loved one—considering their past, their present, and their brightest possible future. Then, it’s carried out by a compassionate team with extensive training in memory care and its latest advancements.

Portrait Photo of Senior Lady Wearing Glasses in an Open-Space Room at Stellar Living Communities

See your loved one
smile from anywhere.

With on-demand access to our calendar of events, a record of your loved one’s participation, and tagged photos, you can watch this new chapter unfold before your eyes. Log in to the LifeLoop app anytime you’d like, or wait to receive a personalized email update each week.

You probably still have questions

What kinds of activities are offered regularly?

We prioritize engaging activities tailored to residents’ cognitive abilities, personal history, and preferences. Regularly scheduled activities may include fitness programs, brain-power exercises, social events, and creative pursuits. We strive to create a supportive and stimulating environment for our residents.

How are employees vetted and trained?

Employees undergo a rigorous vetting and training process, beginning with a thorough interview and initial onboarding. They participate annually in workship covering neurodegenerative diseases, communication strategies, care planning, safety protocols, and addressing resident and family needs. We also provide ongoing onsite and virtual continuing education opportunities to ensure our team remains up-to-date with the latest in memory care practices.

Are education and guidance available for families?

All our community members’ families are provided with comprehensive education and guidance to support their journey. We offer new family orientation sessions to familiarize you with our community and its resources. Additionally, regular support groups are available where families can connect with others facing similar challenges and receive valuable insights. Furthermore, we host free, public education series on dementia and Alzheimer’s to ensure that families have access to expert knowledge and support.

What will my loved one eat?

Your loved one will enjoy three balanced meals each day, carefully prepared to meet their nutritional needs. In addition to main meals, they will have access to snacks between meals to ensure they stay energized throughout the day. We also prioritize hydration recognizing it as essential for overall well-being! Finally, we believe that meals are more than just sustenance—they are a dining experience to be savored and enjoyed, and we treat them as such.

How will I know my loved one is safe, comfortable, and thriving?

You’ll be kept informed and assured of your loved one’s safety, comfort, and well-being through various channels. Weekly updates, communication, and photos provided through LifeLoop offer a glimpse into their daily life and activities. Our open-door policy encourages direct communication with the memory care director and team, ensuring any concerns or queries are promptly addressed. Additionally, regular care conferences with our wellness team provide opportunities to discuss your loved one’s progress, ensuring they are not only safe but also thriving in our care.

How do the skills, abilities, and personality of my loved one contribute to their community?

The skills, abilities, and personality of your loved one play a vital role in shaping our memory care community. By considering their past, present, and the brightest possible future, we honor the valuable contributions they have made to the world, recognizing them as fully feeling individuals deserving of a rich and meaningful life at every stage of their journey.

Does in-home care require less of an investment?

When considering in-home care versus the comprehensive services offered by a memory care community, it’s important to weigh the associated costs alongside the dedicated support provided. While in-home care may initially seem less financially burdensome, it’s crucial to recognize the value of a trained team capable of making informed decisions tailored to your loved one’s unique needs. By entrusting their care to professionals, families can maintain familial connections without taking on the role of primary caretaker, ensuring their loved one receives the specialized attention and support necessary for their well-being.

Cropped shot of an affectionate young woman embracing her aged mother at the park.

Stories like this one happen all the time.

In one of our Memory Care communities in Utah, we had a community member who tended to get restless and quite anxious every afternoon. Heather, a memory care specialist, noticed the situation and started inviting the woman on walks during these periods.

On one of their walk-and-chats, it was revealed that the community member was a huge fan of musicals! Knowing she was from the UK, Heather asked if she liked Julie Andrews. And you should have seen her face light up! She started singing ‘On the Street Where You Live’ from ‘My Fair Lady’ right then and there. It was magical! Not only did this connection calm the woman down, but it also brought so much joy to her and her family.

That’s just one difference about the Apollo program; we look for what lights our community members up so we can tailor services that create more smiles!

Find a community.

Stellar Senior Living communities are located across the western United States and expanding regularly. The communities listed below offer The Apollo Program.

Worland, WY – Worland Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

Short name location -


Worland, Wyoming

Willow Tree Care Center Skilled Nursing & Rehab in Delta, CO

Short name location -

Willow Tree

Delta, Colorado

Skyline Ridge Skilled Nursing & Rehab in Cañon City, CO

Short name location -

Skyline Ridge

Cañon City, Colorado

Thunderbird Senior Assisted Living & Memory Care in Glendale, AZ

Short name location -


Glendale, Arizona

The Oaks Assisted Living & Memory Care in Gilbert, AZ

Short name location -

The Oaks

Gilbert, Arizona

The MonteVista at Coronado in El Paso, TX

Short name location -


El Paso, Texas

The Groves Assisted Living & Memory Care in Goodyear, AZ

Short name location -

The Groves

Goodyear, Arizona

The Gallery at Spokane Assisted & Senior Living

Short name location -

The Gallery

Spokane, Washington

The Gallery at Broomfield Assisted & Senior Living

Short name location -

The Gallery

Broomfield, Colorado

Pine Grove Crossing in Parker, CO

Short name location -

Pine Grove Crossing

Parker, Colorado

Overlake Terrace Independent & Assisted Living in Redmond Washington

Short name location -

Overlake Terrace

Redmond, Washington

Lincoln Court Senior & Assisted Living in Idaho Falls, ID

Short name location -

Lincoln Court

Idaho Falls, Idaho

Lakewood Reserve in Lakewood, CO

Short name location -

Lakewood Reserve

Lakewood, Colorado

Creekside Senior & Assisted Living in Bountiful, UT

Short name location -


Bountiful, Utah

Copper Creek Senior Living in South Jordan, UT

Short name location -

Copper Creek

South Jordan, Utah

Courtyard at Jamestown Assisted & Independent Living in Provo, UT

Short name location -

Courtyard at Jamestown

Provo, Utah

Bear Creek Senior & Assisted Living in Colorado Springs, CO

Short name location -

Bear Creek

Colorado Springs, Colorado

La Villa Grande Rehab, Skilled Nursing & Memory Care in Grand Junction, CO

Short name location -

La Villa Grande

Grand Junction, Colorado