3 Myths About Senior Living

Are you or your loved one considering senior living? Choosing to move to a senior living community can be a difficult decision. It can be even harder to decide when you don’t know fact from fiction when it comes to senior living communities! Here are 3 myths you might not realize about senior living.


1. It’s Too Expensive

While senior living communities can appear to have a high price tag, they might actually be a better financial choice than your current situation. For example, the “rent” price in an independent living community is usually all-inclusive. That means it includes all utilities, taxes, insurance, cleaning services, food, entertainment, and more! Stellar Living communities also offer fun social events and amenities. They have beauty shops, outdoor common spaces, gyms, and libraries. All of this is usually included in the price! If you also need home medical care or assistance with daily activities, assisted living or nursing facilities can make that considerably more cost-effective. It’s also safer and more convenient. So before you write off senior living as “too expensive,” make sure you take all of these factors into consideration! You might also want to check out this post on the true cost of senior living.


2. It’ll Feel Like A Hospital

Sure, maybe some lower-quality senior living communities could feel a little sterile or “institutional.” But check out any of Stellar Living’s Communities and you’ll quickly see this doesn’t have to be the case! With beautifully designed private apartments, lovely outdoor spaces, and lots of community fun, all of Stellar’s communities feel like luxury apartment complexes, not hospitals. Don’t take our word for it–you can schedule a tour at a community near you today, and see for yourself!



3. Senior Living is Only For Really Old People

Most senior living communities are actually designed for anyone over the age of 55. You don’t have to be 90+ to enjoy living in a community of like-minded older adults! And you don’t have to require assisted living or nursing care, either. Many of Stellar Living’s communities are focused on independent living, where you essentially live your life however you’d like–with the added convenience of 24/7 help nearby, just in case. You may actually feel even more independent because the community will take care of many of life’s time-consuming inconveniences (like cleaning, lawn mowing, and bill paying) for you, so you are more in control of your own time!


If you or your loved one is considering moving to a senior living community, you might want to check out this post on what to look for in a senior living community, or this post on which level of care is right for you. Whatever you’re looking for, Stellar Living has a community you’re sure to love. Check out our communities and find out for yourself today!