3 Things to Look for in an Assisted Living Community

This post was written for Stellar Living by Markentum

Finding a new home or moving to a new place takes a lot of consideration, no matter what stage of life you are going through. For example, when you bought your first home, perhaps you considered factors such as more land or a larger yard, or you tried to find a house in a good school district. Stellar Senior Living is sharing what 3 things to look for in an assisted living community to help you create your desired lifestyle.

Now that you are in your retirement years, you may be looking to downsize or are considering transitioning into an assisted living community. However, with this new territory comes additional questions. What you should be looking for in a community to ensure it’s the right fit for you?

Focus on the Services and Care 

If you’re looking for an assisted living community, it’s probably because you need more support. Many communities show off their amenities and fancy services. But, the most important reason you are considering assisted senior living is to receive exceptional care and support.

It is crucial that you feel safe, secure, and respected in your community and that you get the compassionate care you need and deserve. Before you commit to moving in, a few questions to ask could include:

  • What is the resident to caregiver ratio?
  • Are there varying levels of assisted living care?
  • Is care personalized to my needs?
  • What type of training do the caregivers go through?
  • What security and safety measures are in place?
  • Is assistance available 24/7?

Consider Personal & Community Amenities

The community aspect plays a large role in the idea behind the assisted living lifestyle. So, you have to find out what amenities and activities a community offers to determine if they align with your interests and ensure that you will have ample opportunity for socialization, physical activity, and engagement.

Additionally, personal preference plays a significant part in this aspect of finding the right assisted living community for you. Amenities vary from community to community, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It is up to you to determine what is important for you to have in your community. 

For instance, if you are looking to take a step back from having to prepare every meal for yourself, finding a community that offers a great dining program should be on your “must-haves” list. On the other hand, if cooking is one of your hobbies, make sure you find a community that offers apartments with a full kitchen or kitchenette so you can continue this passion.

Questions to ask a potential community regarding their amenities and activities may include:

  • How often do activities change or rotate?
  • Can guests participate in community activities?
  • Are their spiritual programs or church services within the community?
  • Do you accommodate activities according to residents’ physical or cognitive abilities?
  • Are residents allowed to suggest new activities?
  • What floor plans are available?

Location, Location, Location

An assisted living community could have everything you want or need and more, but if it is not in an area that you like or want to live in, it may not be right for you. 

Perhaps you want to remain close or move closer to family. Maybe you want to move somewhere that you have always wanted to live. Proximity to restaurants, shopping, airports, and hospitals could also influence your decision. It does not matter what your reasons are. The only thing that matters is that you love where you are.

Choosing a location and an area that fits your desired lifestyle is vital, and the community you choose needs to fit that too.

Where you live matters, and creating your ideal retirement lifestyle takes a lot of planning and consideration. Finding the right assisted living community can take time but knowing what you should be considering and what questions to ask a community is a good starting point. We hope these 3 things to look for in an assisted living community are helpful for you.

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This post was written for Stellar Living by Markentum