5 Things to Love About Aging

Entering our “senior” or “retirement” years can be a hard transition for many of us. In a very youth-focused world, where “anti-aging” is a popular buzzword for food, cosmetics, and medical procedures, it can be hard to remember all the good things about getting older. Luckily, there are many benefits to age! Here are 5 things to love about aging. 

1. More Perspective

It’s a cliche because it’s true–older people have more experience and perspective than younger people. Having lived longer and had more life experiences gives you a broader, more complete perception of life. You know now what is most important to you and what is most likely to bring you happiness, because you’ve had time to try and fail and try again. Though younger people might roll their eyes from time to time, your mature perspective is invaluable to your world and community. You can share knowledge that can only be learned over a lifetime of experience.

2. Less Pressure to “Succeed”

In your younger years, you might have felt a lot of family or societal pressure to “succeed” at things–get degrees, find jobs, make more money, get married, have kids, buy the house, buy the cars, etc. It can be hard to enjoy the journey when you’re always focused on getting to the next thing and achieving a conventional version of “success”. Now that you are in your later years, this pressure has probably eased up. At this point, you’ve either done those things or you haven’t, and now you get to choose what you want to do with your life! It’s never too late to find love or get an education, but now if you choose to do so, it’s on your own terms, not because of pressure from your parents, peers, or cultural expectations.

3. More Time for What Matters

When you are working, a student, or a parent, you don’t get to control much of your time. The majority of your waking hours are usually dictated by someone else’s needs or schedule. After retirement, you finally have the chance to decide how you will spend your days! You can decide to spend more time with family, friends, grandchildren, traveling, reading, or whatever you want to do. You have more time for the things that matter most to you.

4. Better Emotional Skills

Multiple studies have shown that emotional skills may actually improve as we age. Older people report less experiences of anger and distress than younger people, and tend to view things more positively on the whole. It may seem surprising, but research indicates older people also actually have fewer regrets than younger people!

5. Fewer Worries About the “Future”

In your younger years, you might have experienced a lot of anxiety wondering how things would turn out in the future. Well, the good news is, most of the things you were worried about have probably resolved now. You still have future years ahead of you, but now you don’t have to be concerned with things like choosing a career path or what will happen when your children grow up. Now you can live without a lot of that fear and anxiety! This can be very freeing and relaxing after a lifetime of worrying.

With these 5 things to love about aging, your transition to your senior years can be smooth and happy. To truly enjoy your retirement with other seniors like you, check out Stellar Living’s luxurious Senior Living Communities and find one in your area today!