54 Great Gift Ideas for Seniors

Seniors aren’t the easiest customers to buy for. It can be difficult to find a gift for the man or woman who already seems to have collected everything they want! But fear not, Stellar Living has you covered this holiday season. Check out these 55 great gift ideas for the special seniors in your life. 

Great Sentimental Gift Ideas for Seniors

The best gifts come from the heart. Check out these great sentimental gift ideas for seniors. 

  1. Family Movie: Digitize old home movies on VHS tapes or CDs into a digital home movie your senior can watch again and again. This requires a little more tech savvy, but many local electronics shops may be able to help. 
  2. Personalized Photo Album: Create a custom photo album full of special memories and loved ones. Chatbooks are a great option that allow you to easily upload photos from your smartphone or computer.
  3. Customized Calendar: Design a personalized calendar featuring family photos, special dates, and meaningful quotes.
  4. Customized Jewelry: Custom jewelry is an incredibly special gift that can signify a special date, family members, or loved ones. Made by Mary has a great collection of personalized jewelry options.
  5. Family Recipe Book: Create a collection of favorite recipes from your family members. If your senior loved one has children, a few recipes from each family can be very meaningful. You can also include recipes from other relatives and friends. Need recipe ideas? Check out this post!
  6. Scrapbook: If you’re feeling crafty, instead of a photo album, create a scrapbook full of mementos, photos, handwritten notes, and anything else you can get your hands on. These memories are very special, especially for seniors with memory loss.

Personal Gift Ideas for Seniors

  1. Custom Portrait: Commission a portrait of your loved one or a family portrait, and have it framed for display. Many artists on Etsy offer these services in a wide variety of styles.
  2. Personalized Blanket or Throw: Have a cozy blanket or throw customized with family names or a special message. This is a great option for grandparents!
  3. Personalized Christmas Ornaments: You can order custom Christmas ornaments that feature family names or names of loved ones, like this one. Or, create your own!
  4. Digital Picture Frame: A digital picture frame allows loved ones from all over the world to send special pictures all year long. This is a great budget option. 
  5. Personalized Book: If your senior loved one is a grandparent, you can order custom books for grandparents that show love from grandchildren! 

Great Practical Gift Ideas for Seniors

Many senior citizens really appreciate practical gifts that make their lives easier. Here are some great practical gift ideas for seniors.

  1. Cooking Utensils for Specialty Dishes: Do they love to stir-fry? Gift a wok. If your senior loved one is a fan of baking, try a danish dough whisk. Chances are, they don’t have all the specialty cooking utensils out there!
  2. New Small Kitchen Appliances: There’s always the next great small kitchen appliance. Does your senior have an air fryer or Instant Pot? If not, it would make a great gift! Make sure to also include a how-to book of recipes. 
  3. Audiobooks or E-Readers: An audiobook subscription or an e-reader like a Kindle is a great gift for seniors who love to read. They also provide larger text or audio-only for those with vision impairments.
  4. Lap Desk: A comfortable lap desk with a cushion provides a stable surface for reading, writing, or using a laptop.
  5. Heated Blanket or Pad: A heated blanket or heating pad makes it easy to stay warm and cozy, which can be a challenge for many seniors.
  6. Electric Kettle: For the tea-drinking senior in your life, an electric kettle is easy to use for making tea, coffee, or boiling water for anything else.
  7. Meal Delivery Service: Subscription to a meal delivery service that provides nutritious, pre-prepared meals.
  8. Subscription Services: Gift subscriptions to streaming services, magazines, or newspapers to keep your senior loved one entertained and informed.
  9. House Cleaning or Home Care Services: Arrange for professional house cleaning services or in-home care for assistance with daily tasks.
  10. Weighted or Electric Blanket: A weighted blanket provides a sense of security and promotes relaxation. Seniors who are always cold might appreciate an electric blanket.

Great Fun Gift Ideas for Seniors

What’s life without a little fun? 

  1. Board Games or Puzzles: Your senior is bound to enjoy classic board games, jigsaw puzzles, or brain-teasers.
  2. Gardening Kit: While winter can be long and dull, brighten your senior’s day! Get them a gardening kit with easy-to-grow plants, seeds, or tools. If you’re not sure what they need, a knee pad is never unappreciated. 
  3. Art Supplies: Try gifting your loved one watercolor paints, adult coloring books, or other art supplies.
  4. Musical Instruments: Practicing or learning a new instrument is a great way to have fun. Your senior might like a musical instrument like a keyboard, ukulele, or harmonica, or music classes at your local store.
  5. Craft Kits: Sometimes it’s hard to start a new hobby or craft, so a kit is a great gift for any crafty senior. There are so many types of craft kits to consider, from miniature buildings to embroidery
  6. Magazine Subscriptions: Subscribe to a magazine in a loved one’s name for the gift that keeps on giving. Choose one related to their interests, whether it’s cooking, travel, or a hobby.
  7. Bird Feeder: A window bird feeder is a good gift for anyone, from seniors who live in a farmhouse to those in senior living apartments. It just sticks to any window, so you can get up close and personal with your avian neighbors.
  8. Streaming Device: If they don’t have one, consider a streaming device like an Amazon FireTV Stick, Roku, or Apple TV. 
  9. Aromatherapy Diffuser: An aromatherapy diffuser with essential oils provides a relaxing and soothing atmosphere in a senior’s home or senior living apartment. Just a note: some essential oils can be dangerous to cats.
  10. Fishing Gear: Does your senior need a new fishing rod, tackle box, or other fishing accessories?

Unique Gift Ideas for Seniors

These are personal and special gifts they won’t have already received.

  1. Polaroid Camera: A “polaroid” or other instant camera is fun for capturing special moments, and makes scrapbooking super convenient.
  2. Themed Gift Basket: Create a gift basket full of their favorite things. Try a theme like favorite foods/candy, spa night, golf snacks, wine and cheese, or anything else you can think of. 
  3. Indoor Mini Golf Set: A mini golf set can be set up indoors for a good way to pass the time during cold winters.
  4. Subscription to a Hobby Club: Gift them a subscription to a hobby club related to their interests, like a book club, gardening club, or cooking club. A Book of the Month club is a great choice for avid readers.
  5. Movie Night Package: Put together a movie night package with microwave popcorn, favorite snacks, and a selection of classic or favorite movies. For best results, spend the movie night with your senior loved one!
  6. Photography Workshop: Seniors who enjoy photography will love a class or workshop to learn new skills and techniques.
  7. Virtual Reality Headset: A virtual reality headset is a splurge-worthy gift for seniors who are interested in the future of technology.
  8. Themed Movie Marathon: Arrange a themed movie marathon day with their favorite film series or genre! The best gift you can give is the gift of your time with them. 
  9. Cooking or Baking Classes: Taking local hobby classes is a fantastic way to meet new people who share your interests. You might be giving your senior the gift of a new best friend!

Budget Gift Ideas for Seniors

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give a heartfelt gift that will be loved for years to come.

  1. Handwritten Letters: Write a heartfelt letter or a series of letters that share your favorite memories of your senior, time spent together, and how you feel about them. You could even seal them in individual envelopes, so your loved one can open them over time.
  2. Homemade Goodies: Bake homemade cookies, muffins, or a jar of layered cookie mix for them to enjoy.
  3. Candles: Scented or decorative candles are great for creating a cozy atmosphere. 
  4. Homemade Jam or Preserves: Create homemade jam or preserves as a tasty treat with a lot of significance, too.
  5. Tea Sampler: Gift your senior a selection of your favorite tea bags or loose leaf tea.
  6. Socks: Warm and cozy socks are always appreciated, especially those with fun patterns or themes.
  7. Reusable Grocery Bags: Everyone could use more colorful, eco-friendly reusable grocery bags.
  8. Hand Warmer: Pocket-sized hand warmers are a great choice for cold days. You can get inexpensive single-use ones, or still-budget-friendly rechargeable options
  9. Candy or Chocolates: A box of their favorite candy or chocolates is always a hit! Make sure to consider any allergies or dietary needs.
  10. Keychain: Consider giving your senior a fun or personalized keychain with their name or a special message, or one that is symbolic of a favorite memory.
  11. New Cookbooks: Seniors who enjoy cooking may love a new cookbook!
  12. Memory Jar: Fill a decorative jar with handwritten notes, each recalling a special memory or expressing your love and gratitude.
  13. Keepsake Box: Gift a beautiful box for storing small mementos.
  14. Sudoku or Crossword Puzzle Books: Puzzle books are a great way to challenge their mind.

Happy Holidays from Stellar Living!