The 6 Best Exercises for Seniors

We all know exercise is good for us, but it can become more challenging as we get older. The good news is, there are many easy workouts you can try, with no risk of injury! Here are the 6 best exercises for seniors.

Swimming & Water Aerobics

Anything in the water is a great form of exercise for retirees, because it is low-impact and very easy on the joints. No need to pound the pavement–water creates a wonderful resistance exercise with no stress on your hips or knees. You can get a great cardio workout by swimming! You could also add on some strength training in a water aerobics class, where there’s absolutely no risk of dropping a weight on your toe. 


There’s a reason for all those mall walkers and senior walking groups. Walking is a free, low risk way to get some exercise that is available to almost anyone. You could walk outside if weather permits, or inside a mall or indoor track. Walking is a great way to get some fresh air and see some new scenery. Add some friends, and this becomes a wonderful social activity as well!


Yoga promotes strength, balance, and proprioception (your awareness of where your body is in space). These are all things that can decline in later years. It’s also low impact and slow paced, and can even be relaxing. This type of movement will keep your joints from getting too stiff. Yoga is also great for your brain, and helps with stress and anxiety.

Stationary Cycling

Riding a traditional bike can put you at risk for falls and injuries. However, stationary bikes give you many of the benefits of biking, with none of the risks. Indoor cycling is a great way to keep your heart healthy, and you can even watch a movie or read a magazine while you do it!

Senior Exercise Classes

Many gyms and recreation facilities have classes intended for older people. Don’t worry, you won’t be pole dancing or squatting to pulsating beats in Barry’s Booty Camp! Many workout classes for seniors include gentle calisthenics and exercises that will help improve your quality of life, like sit-to-stand exercises that will make it easier for you to get up from a seated position. 


While your breakdancing days may be behind you, you’re never too old to dance! Dancing is a fun, social way to get your heart rate up and move your body. There are lots of easy types of dancing like swing or country dance, or you could even try a Latin class.

If you need help getting started in your new exercise plan, check out Stellar Senior Living Communities. Our communities offer walking groups, yoga, exercise classes, dances and pools! Give our Family Advisors a call today and find out what programs are offered by a community near you.