4 Crafty (and arthritis friendly!) Retirement Hobbies to Try

Now that you’ve retired, you finally have more time for all the crafts and hobbies you always wanted to do! But it can be hard to get started, and if you have arthritis, that can really put a damper on things. Here are 4 crafty and arthritis-friendly hobbies to get you started!


You might think pain in your fingers and wrists would prevent you from painting, but it’s actually a great hobby, even with arthritis. You can find lots of ergonomic, lightweight brushes that will be easy on your hands, and using an easel will prevent you from needing to bend over for long periods of time. Painting will also help you keep mobility and dexterity in your hands, which will be very important in your later years. It can be a very mindful activity and take your mind off any pain you might be having. If this hobby is new to you, see if your senior living community has art or art therapy classes. You can also use the internet to search for painting classes near you, or try a painting subscription box that will deliver instructions and supplies right to your door each month. 


While you might not be able to lift that giant cast iron skillet one-handed, you can still cook! Cooking your own food is much healthier and cheaper than eating out, and it can also be really fun! There are tons of super lightweight pan options out there. You can also buy all kinds of effort-saving gadgets that can help arthritic hands, like a nonslip jar opener or electric can opener. Check out cooking classes in your community, or try online cooking courses from the comfort of your home. 

Knitting and Crocheting

If done correctly, the hand movements of knitting and crocheting can actually help keep your joints from getting stiff and immobile, and distract from or even reduce pain. Make sure to stretch first, though, and take frequent breaks if you ever experience pain or soreness. Avoid metal needles or hooks, which can be heavy, and choose ergonomic ones instead. 


Swimming is the perfect hobby for any senior citizen. It is virtually impact-free, while still helping you stay strong and active. Swimming is also great for lubricating joints and maintaining range of motion. 

Don’t let arthritis slow you down. Make your retirement everything you’ve always hoped it would be with these fun and easy hobbies! And don’t forget to check out Stellar Living’s Senior Living Communities, for more retirement fun right at your fingertips. You might also like this post on how to beat anxiety about aging.