Easy Senior-Friendly Home Modifications

Aging can sometimes bring with it mobility challenges like arthritis, stiffness, joint pain, decreased range of motion, and problems with balance. This can make everyday tasks you used to take for granted suddenly very difficult. For example, getting in and out of the shower or getting up and down the stairs may pose a new challenge for senior citizens. Falls also become more dangerous with age, so you’ll want to avoid them if you can. You can help alleviate these discomforts and keep your home safe and comfortable with a few easy senior-friendly home modifications. 


Install Grab Bars

Installing grab bars in the bathroom is one of the simplest ways to make your home safer. Add a grab bar in the shower or bathtub and one near the toilet to help with daily hygiene. These will provide you with much-needed stability and support in slippery areas where falls are common. 


Remove Trip Hazards

To avoid unnecessary falls, make sure there aren’t tripping hazards in your home. Secure loose rugs or doormats with carpet tape on hard surfaces. If you have rugs on top of carpet, it may be best to remove them. Clear floor spaces of anything that might cause you to trip! 


Add Handrails to Stairs

Make sure all of your stairs have sturdy, easily accessed handrails. So for the best support and most security, add handrails to both sides of all stairs. Check that all rails are securely attached to the walls or posts as well. Rickety rails that move when you shake them probably need to be replaced or repaired.  


Raise Your Bed Height

If your bed is difficult to get into or out of, you can easily raise it up to make things easier. You can add bed risers to the legs of your bed to increase its height. You’ll just need a little help lifting up the bed to place them underneath.


Consider a Shower Bench

Lightheadedness can sometimes be a problem in a steamy shower. Adding a shower seat or bench could make things both safer and more comfortable.


Use Comfort-Height Toilets

Toilets are fairly easy to remove and replace. It may be a good idea to upgrade your toilets to “comfort height” models, which are a little higher off the ground. This can therefore make it easier for seniors with hip and knee problems to safely sit down and get up again.


Secure Cords

If you live in an older home, chances are you’re suffering from a lack of electrical outlets. Sometimes, this is resolved with the use of extension cords. These can be both a fire hazard and a trip hazard. Make sure none of these cords are running across floors or surfaces where they could cause falls. Try securing them to the wall, or hiring a contractor to install additional outlets instead. 


If these easy senior-friendly home modifications seem too daunting, consider senior living! Senior living apartments are already modified and adjusted to provide the most safety and security possible. Tour a senior living community near you and see an apartment today!