7 Fun Fall Things to Do with your Grandkids

Stumped on what to do with your grandkids, friends, or relatives now that the weather has turned a little cooler? You’ve visited the pumpkin patch, picked the apples, and played in the leaves…now what? Stellar Living has you covered. Check out these 7 fun fall things to do with your grandkids, great-grandchildren, or any of the important kids in your life. 


1. Do a Craft

Kids love crafts! Crafting is a fun fall activity for all ages of grandkids. You could create a themed craft if you’d like, like paper plate spiders for Halloween, or fall greeting cards to give to your neighbors at your senior living community. But you don’t have to do anything elaborate or even plan anything. You can just set your grandkids up with some simple supplies and let their imaginations take over. Put out construction paper, glue sticks, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, glitter, and safety scissors and see what they come up with!


2. Read a Book Together

Storytime is great for bonding with the important kids in your life, and fall is a great time to snuggle up and get cozy. Make hot chocolate or pull out some treats, get comfy on the couch, and read out loud to your grandkids. Choose a book that’s appropriate for their age group. Lttle ones will do best with picture books. Older kids might love chapter books like Harry Potter. Talking to your grandkids about what books they like is a great conversation starter. Even if you think they’re more into video games than books, you might be surprised by how much your grandchildren enjoy listening to you read to them.

3. Bake Something

Kids love to get creative in the kitchen. Choose something simple and get baking! To make things even easier (and a little less messy), make something from a mix. Most grocery stores carry mixes for cookies, quick breads, muffins and more. Make it even more fun with something fall-themed, like pumpkin bread or cinnamon cookies. Small children can help scoop and stir, while older kids can mix and measure. Relax and know that even if things don’t go perfectly, you will all enjoy the finished product because you made it together.


4. Teach a Skill

Do you have any skills you can pass down to your grandkids or other young friends and relatives? Learning together is a great way to build relationships. Teach those kiddos to bake bread, decorate a cake, play the piano, knit, play chess, crochet, sew, draw, string a guitar…it’s up to you. Your grandchildren will never forget the time you spent teaching them, and they might even grow up to teach their own kids that same skill.


5. Have a Tea Party

While it’s true that almost every little girl loves a chance to be fancy, grandpas and little boys aren’t exempt from the joy of the tea party! Make things extra special with a special tea set, chocolate milk or apple cider, and your favorite desserts. Have a picnic on a rug indoors or out, or use a fancy tablecloth at the kitchen table. These are memories your grandchildren or great-grandchildren will treasure forever.


6. Have a Nature Scavenger Hunt

If the weather permits, get outside. You can make a nature walk more fun by having a scavenger hunt! Make a list of fun fall sights like red leaves, squirrels, acorns, pine cones, and whatever else you can think of. See if your grandkids can find everything on the list. You can even find a local paved trail that is wheelchair or walker-friendly, or just visit the courtyard at your senior living community


7. Decorate Your Room, Apartment, or Home

Enlist your favorite kids to help you decorate your living space with pumpkins, fall leaves, Halloween decorations, or whatever else you like. You don’t have to spend a lot of money! You can often find cute and inexpensive decor items at your local discount or dollar store. Let the kids go crazy decorating. Even their less-than-perfect design job is sure to make you smile and remind you of the fun you had together. 


We hope this gives you some ideas of fun fall things to do with your grandkids, great-grandkids, or other friends and relatives. If you’re considering senior living, check out Stellar Living’s communities and tour one near you today!