Gift Ideas for Senior Living Community Residents

It can be hard to think of gifts to buy for your senior loved ones. Perhaps you’d like to donate some gifts to your local community, and you don’t know the residents personally. Senior Living Community residents often have all of their needs already provided for by the community, which can make coming up with gift ideas even more difficult! Here are some gift ideas for Senior Living Community residents that might help. 

Blankets & Sweaters

As you get older, your metabolism and circulation slow, making it harder to stay warm. This is why you might notice your senior loved one is always cold! Blankets and sweaters or sweatshirts are always a great gift. Grandpa might love a sweatshirt with his favorite sports’ team logo, and Grandma will always love machine-washable cashmere.  A heated or sleeved blanket takes it up a notch, and is sure to be loved by anyone.

Homemade Cards and Framed Photos

Personalized touches can really make a Senior Living apartment feel like home. Your loved one will treasure homemade cards, especially from family members, and a framed family photo will brighten up their home. It’s even better if you can use a picture with your senior loved one in it too, perhaps from a past family vacation or visit.

Wreaths or Wall Decorations

Wreaths or door decorations can help your loved one easily find and identify their door, and make their space feel more welcoming. Wall decor, like artwork, doesn’t take up much space and will be something they can enjoy for years. You could also give festive holiday decorations to brighten up their home. Keep in mind outlets can be hard to find, so if you’re giving lights, go with battery-powered ones.

Homemade Baked Goods

Bring your loved one some homemade fudge, brownies, cookies, cake–whatever you’d like. If you bring enough to share, they’ll be even more popular in their community! Make sure to check if your loved one has any dietary needs, like food allergies or diabetes, before you bake.

Music Player with Favorite Music

Listening to music can be a great pastime for senior living residents. Set them up with an easy-to-use music player (loaded with their favorite music, of course!), and a nice pair of headphones. Look for mp3 players with large, simple, easy-to-use displays and large buttons. Check out this post from Graying with Grace that reviews some of the best easy-to-use mp3 players.

We hope these holiday gift ideas help you think of the perfect gift for your senior living community resident. If you’re looking for a new community for your loved one, check out Stellar Living Communities to find one near you. Happy Holidays from Stellar Living!