Holidays at Senior Living Communities

The holidays can look and feel a little different in a Senior Living Community. The good news is, they can be even better than ever! Here are some good things to know about holidays at Senior Living Communities

You Don’t Have to Be Alone!

While you are welcome to spend time solo or with your partner in your apartment, the holidays aren’t a lonely time when you live in a Senior Living Community. Check your community’s calendar or schedule for lots of fun holiday-themed activities that will have you laughing and spending a holly-jolly time with your senior friends. Most communities offer activities like cookie decorating, shopping trips, and festive outings. You’ll probably also be visited by community groups of carolers, crafters, and more.

You Don’t Have to Cook!

One of the best things about holidays in a Senior Living Community is the fact that you don’t have to slave all day over a holiday meal that your family may or may not appreciate. A beautiful, delicious holiday meal is sure to be available in your community. And, you won’t have to spend a week cleaning for company!

Your Loved Ones Can Join You

If you’re going to be spending the holidays at your community, make sure your family members (or at least the ones you like) know they are invited to join you. Most communities welcome visitors, and provide fabulous family-friendly meals and activities, especially at holiday times. 

It’s Okay That It’s Different

While there are many wonderful things about holidays in Senior Living Communities, it’s not going to be the same as it might have been in years past. You might miss the family members that you don’t get to see over the holidays. Or, you might recall with fond nostalgia all the time you spent decorating your home and cooking holiday meals (although keep in mind, your memories are wearing rose-colored glasses…you may be forgetting the exhaustion and family drama that was perhaps also present in these memories!). It doesn’t have to be the same as it used to be to be wonderful, fun, and meaningful.

You Can Keep Your Traditions

You might have to modify them a bit, but you don’t have to let all of your holiday traditions go. If you always decorate cookies on Christmas eve, make it happen! Invite or video chat with the people who shared this tradition with you in the past. Find ways to keep your most important traditions, even if some creative thinking is required.

Keep In Touch

Even if you won’t get to see your family in person over the holidays, you can still keep in touch. Video chatting means anyone with a phone, tablet, or computer can talk to and see anyone else, anytime, anywhere. Check out this post for the best apps to use. Call your children, grandchildren, friends, siblings, nieces, nephews…let whoever you’re missing know you’re missing them! Set up a time to chat and exchange memories. The holidays at Senior Living Communities might feel a little different, but they can be just as magical as ever. If you’re on the fence about Senior Living, check out what Stellar Living Communities in your area have planned for the holidays!