Positive Psychology For Seniors

How can positive psychology help seniors? Positive psychology is a popular buzzword these days. But it’s not just for kids! This growing body of research has discovered many important truths about human nature. Let’s discover some of these new developments, and find out how they apply to seniors.

What is positive psychology?

To put it simply, “positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living(Csikszentmihalyi and Seligman, 2000). Positive psychology focuses on what we do well, instead of what we do poorly. It studies happiness, hope, and health from–you guessed it–a positive perspective, instead of focusing only on trauma and disorders. 

Why is positive psychology important? 

We are all chasing happiness. Pick up any magazine the next time you’re in line at the grocery store, and you will more than likely find articles focusing on happiness, joy, and health. These are topics that are extremely important to us. Positive psychology seeks to study what actually makes us happy, versus what we think will make us happy. If we don’t know what brings us joy, we will usually seek it in the ways that require least effort…i.e. food, shopping, alcohol, drugs, gambling, Netflix…whatever your “easy out” happens to be.  We think eating the brownies will make us feel better, but in the long run, that’s just not the case. Studying the true science of happiness helps us gain more of it in more effective ways. And who doesn’t want more happiness?

So, what DOES make life worth living?

As it turns out, a lot of things! Here are just a few:

How does positive psychology help seniors?

Good news: old dogs actually can learn new tricks. You are never too old to start applying the lessons we’ve learned from positive psychology. You can even start today! Try starting a gratitude journal, volunteering, spending more time with people you love, or re-allocate your finances. Your overall quality of life is likely to improve with these small, simple changes.

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