Are Senior Living Communities Safe during COVID-19?

Finding a safe place for your loved one to live has never been more important. We have all been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but our seniors have been especially subject to the effects of the virus. What does this mean for senior living communities? Are Senior Living Communities really safe during COVID-19?

Thankfully, Senior Living Communities have been placed high on the priority list for the COVID-19 vaccination. For example, many Stellar Living Communities have already vaccinated upwards of 90% of their residents, some above 95%, and 70-90% of all staff members. More people will be immunized as soon as vaccines are available. This helps keep the residents of Stellar Living Communities safe. Many Senior Living Communities have also been carefully regulating and limiting the number of allowed visitors. While we all want to visit our loved ones, their safety is our top priority. Limiting visitors helps slow the spread of the virus and keeps your loved one safe. 

While in their Senior Living Community, your senior will be cared for by staff members who highly value their health and safety. Thankfully, most communities are already equipped with nurses to provide healthcare services to their residents, so they have an expert advantage in being able to prevent COVID-19. Since the communities are usually self-contained, and the residents are able to attend activities, eat meals, and receive assistance from the same people every day, they are also safer than those who may live in standard apartments and see many different people each day. Senior Living Communities are still safe during COVID-19!

Senior Living Communities are one of the safest places for your senior to be during the COVID-19 pandemic. We all hope things will improve quickly now that a vaccine is available. In the meantime, ask what your loved ones’ communities are doing to keep them safe. Stellar Living Family Advisors are always available to help with any concerns you may have. Feel free to call the community nearest to you today! See the list of communities here.