When Short-Term Senior Living Is Enough

When you think of Senior Living, you may think of somewhere to live out your golden years. While this is certainly a wonderful option, sometimes your loved one may need just a short-term stay in a community. So when is a short-term stay (as little as one month!) plenty of time?

When Recovering From Illness, Injury, or Surgery

Perhaps your mother, who lives alone, has experienced a bad fall in her home. After she has returned from the hospital, she isn’t quite ready to go back to living alone or with her partner. She may need more time to recover her strength, or she may want the peace of mind Senior Living Communities offer as she continues to recuperate. A short-term stay in a community could be the perfect place to receive care whenever she needs it, while maintaining her independence in a beautifully furnished apartment. 

When Establishing a New Treatment Plan

It’s scary to be diagnosed with a new illness or condition, like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or high blood pressure. At this time, your loved one’s doctor is establishing a treatment plan for the condition. It can be very difficult to remember to check your blood sugar, blood pressure, or take medication on a schedule. But if your loved one forgets, the results can be disastrous. With a short-term stay at a Senior Living Community, your loved one can adjust to their new treatment plan with lots of help in place. Staff at the community will make sure they don’t miss medications or forget to check their vital signs. Medical care is also available around the clock in case medications or protocols need to be adjusted. Once your loved one has established routines and adjusted to their new lifestyle, they can confidently and safely resume their independent life. 

When Your Loved One is Living With You

Being a caregiver can be extremely stressful. Add a life change like a new job, new baby, or the need to move, and it can all become too much. Nothing adds tension to a household like strained family relationships! Your loved one could live at a Senior Living Community for a short time while you take care of business, and then come back to live with you once things are calmer and more established. 

When You Need Help, Fast

Living situations can change incredibly quickly. Maybe your loved one’s living situation becomes unsafe in some way, and you are not able to accommodate them in your home on such short notice. Many Senior Living Communities can get your loved one in quickly! They will have a safe place to live while other living arrangements are made. 

When You Want to Learn More about Senior Living

If your loved one is on the fence about whether a senior living community is right for them, a short-term stay can be the perfect test run. Since they aren’t locked in to a year-long contract, they can get a feel for the community before they commit to a long-term stay. They can test the food, meet the other seniors, explore the amenities–see if a senior living community is a good fit for their lifestyle. With a month-long stay, there’s no risk and nothing to lose. They will probably love it!

Stellar Senior Living is here for you. At most Stellar Senior Living Communities, your loved one can stay for as little as 30 days! Your loved one may even want to stay longer. Our Family Advisors are waiting to help you find the best living solution for your loved one today.