The 5 Best Valentine’s Day Activities for Seniors


Valentine’s Day can be more fun than ever now that you’re a senior, whether you’re celebrating with a loved one, with friends, or on your own. Here are the best Valentine’s Day activities for seniors.

Cozy Up with Memories

If you’re with a loved one, family members, or old friends, now’s the time to pull out the scrapbooks, photo albums, love letters, and all your memorabilia. Get together and share memories of past vacations, stories, and laughs. If you’re celebrating solo, you could even do this from your apartment, perhaps while video chatting with family members.

Make Valentine’s Day Cards

There’s nothing grandchildren and great-grandchildren love more than getting mail! Even as adults, it’s always exciting to hear from our loved ones. Make Valentine’s cards for all the important people in your life. You could include stories, photos, or memories in the cards to make them even more personal.

Play Group Games

If you’re lucky enough to live in a Senior Living Community, chances are your community will have a wonderful Valentine’s Day party! Try “Name That Love Song” and play a few seconds of classic love songs from every decade. See who can guess the song correctly first! Classic games like a Valentine’s twist on Bingo, Pictionary, and Charades are always fun, too. Group games will get everyone laughing and feeling loved.

Create Art

Crafts and art projects that help us tap into our creative side are good for the brain and good for the soul. There are lots of fun Valentine’s day crafts you could do. Make fun decorations like these tissue paper “stained glass” hearts or a candy heart garland. Or make up your own craft by decorating an inexpensive canvas with anything you like–paint, pom poms, stickers, lace doilies, tree branches…the sky’s the limit when it comes to your imagination. Check out these great craft projects for dementia for more ideas. 

Attend Social Events

If you’re single, find (or organize your own!) a low-key single’s event, like speed dating or a trivia night. Even if you’re not looking for love, it can be a fun way to meet new people and make new friends. You could play “speed friending” in your senior living community. Have community members spend 5 minutes each talking to a fellow resident, then switch! 

There are lots of ways to get together on Valentine’s Day, even if you find yourself far from family and friends. Check out Stellar Living Communities to find fun and friendship in a community of people like you today. We hope you enjoy these 5 best Valentine’s day activities for seniors!