Tips for Small Space Living

Many people find themselves living in small spaces these days, whether you’re in an apartment in a city, or downsizing after your children have left home. If you’re moving into a Senior Living Community, your apartment could be slightly smaller than what you’re used to. At Stellar Living Communities, social areas and living spaces are large, so even in a smaller apartment, you’ll have plenty of space! Here are some tips for small space living.

Downsize Your Possessions

Chances are you don’t actually use (or even like) all of your stuff. Get rid of duplicate items, anything you haven’t used in the past two years, anything that is out of date or that you just don’t love. Owning fewer items means less to move, less to store, less to organize, and less to clean…which all adds up to less stress! For more help, check out this post on What to Take When Moving to a Senior Living Community. 

Find Smart Storage Solutions

The biggest challenge of small-space living: where do you store all your stuff? You might not have an enormous walk-in closet, but you have more space than you think. Make every inch of your space work hard for you. Use under-bed boxes to store out of season clothes, decorations, extra sheets or blankets, etc. Consider having a storage ottoman instead of a coffee table, which opens up to allow you to store things inside it, as well as doubling as extra seating for guests! Put pretty boxes or baskets on top of your kitchen cabinets to store appliances and dishes you don’t use very often. Instead of a full-length mirror, why not utilize a tall, shallow cabinet with a mirrored front? Add wall-mounted shelves to an unused wall or above a couch or desk. You can find storage in lots of unexpected places with a little creativity.

Use Light & Mirrors

In a small space, light is the name of the game. Dark furniture, draperies, and wall colors can make a small room seem even smaller. White or light-colored walls and white ceilings will help things feel larger. Using lighter colors (for example, tan, cream, beige, light gray, white, or off-white) in furniture, curtains, and bedding can create a spacious, airy feel, no matter how many square feet you have. Decorative mirrors reflect light and make a space look bigger, too.

Avoid Oversized Furniture

Oversized, overstuffed furniture takes up precious floor space in a small apartment. Go for smaller, sleeker versions of sofas, beds, tables, and chairs. Choose furniture that is “floating”, like exposed legs on couches or wall-mounted cabinetry. Being able to see underneath things makes them feel lighter and larger.

Try New Things

Enlist a good-tempered friend, son, or grandson and try moving furniture or decor around and trying things out in new places. You might be surprised to find that moving something gives you more space in unexpected ways! If it doesn’t seem quite right, keep trying different things until you’re happy with the outcome. With a little flexibility and a positive outlook, you can live BIG in any space! Check out this post for more ways to make your home your happy place.

If you’re looking for a beautiful place where you can live large even in a smaller footprint, check out one of Stellar Living’s many gorgeous Communities, located across the United States.