Top Skincare Products for Older Adults

As we age, our skin unfortunately ages right along with us. Healthy skin isn’t just a vanity issue, either–1 in 5 people over the age of 70 will develop skin cancer (1).  For this reason, skincare is an area of growing concern for older adults. Fortunately, there are many skincare products out there that can help prevent skin cancer, as well as improve the look and feel of aging skin. Here are the top skincare products for older adults.



Sunscreen is by far the most important way you can protect your skin. Did you know that daily use of sunscreen (preferably SPF 15 or higher) can reduce your risk of skin cancer by 40-50%? (2) It’s true! While we love to enjoy its warm rays, the sun is actually your skin’s biggest enemy. If you already wear moisturizer, choose one with sunscreen in it and use it every day. Remember, though, that if you’re out in the sun for more than a couple of hours, you’ll need to reapply. 


The best sunscreen is the one you will actually use. Choose one that you like the smell and feel of. There are thousands of options out there. Check out some favorite options for mature skin here.


Hyaluronic Acid

While the word “acid” might sound harsh or drying, hyaluronic acid is actually a hydrating substance that your body produces naturally. It’s present in your soft tissues and joints throughout your body. It also seems to have a substantial impact on the aging and appearance of your skin. Studies have shown that higher amounts of hyaluronic acid in your skin cells cause the skin to look tighter (3), reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It also speeds wound healing, moisturizes, and can even treat eczema (4). 


Hyaluronic products abound. You can find lots of facial cleansers that contain hyaluronic acid, like this one. There are also hyaluronic acid serums and lotions. They’re easily found in big box stores, drugstores, and at beauty counters.



Retinol has been one of the beauty world’s top buzzwords in recent years. But it’s for good reason: your body converts retinol to retinoids, which have many anti-aging properties. Retinoids increase the amount of collagen in your skin, which makes skin appear younger and firmer. They’re also helpful in minimizing the effects of the sun damage you may have incurred in your younger days.


You can find retinol serums and lotions in most major skincare lines. You can also take prescription retinoids, but they can be expensive, irritating, and drying to the skin. Most skincare professionals recommend starting with retinol. It’s also important to note that retinol breaks down in the sun, so it’s best to use retinol products at night. Check out some of the best retinol serums here.



Any moisturizer is likely to have dramatic positive effects. Your skin actually needs moisture to repair itself! The act of applying moisturizer also gives your skin a little massage, which is helpful for stimulating cell growth and blood flow. Using moisturizer every day (preferably twice a day) will help slow aging and keep your skin healthy (5).


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good moisturizer. Check out this list of great budget-friendly options. 


Stellar Living hopes these top skincare products for older adults will keep your skin in good shape long into your later years.