When To Start Considering Senior Living

Many people love living in Senior Living Communities as they get older. But when is the right time to start considering this transition? The answer is: it depends! There are several things to think about when it comes to finding the right time for Senior Living.


Safety is a major reason many adults turn to Senior Living Communities. Perhaps your neighborhood just isn’t what it used to be, and you’d like to be free of worries about burglaries and break-ins. All Stellar Living Communities are in safe, secure neighborhoods. Many security features are also in place to help keep you safe. In a Senior Living Community, you can rely on people you trust to protect you.

Physical Health

Living alone can be an unsafe situation for someone with medical conditions. For example, you may become concerned about falls, or complications with a recent diagnosis. Moving to an assisted living community can also become essential if you or your loved one is diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other forms of memory loss. There are many levels of care available in senior living communities. You can live independently, knowing help is always nearby, or you could choose to have daily help. Either way, if your physical health has become compromised or you need help with everyday tasks, it’s time to consider a Senior Living Community. 

Mental Health

Physical health is important, but emotional health is equally important and yet sometimes neglected. Becoming unable to continue the activities we used to enjoy can cause serious depression in older people.  It’s also harder to get out and try new things as we get older. But it’s still essential for our brains! Senior living communities offer many activities and social events that help lift spirits and keep things from getting boring. Feeling safe, secure, and cared for is very important for your mental health. A Senior Living Community can provide all of these mental health benefits and more.

Social Opportunities

It can be lonely to live as a senior citizen in a neighborhood full of young families. Being isolated from family and friends can also be very difficult for older adults. Many studies have shown that loneliness is as dangerous as smoking! Being around other people is essential for our mental health. Senior Living Communities are specially equipped to provide this sense of community and endless social opportunities. Senior Living Communities can also provide a sense of belonging for older people.

If your current circumstances make living alone undesirable for any of these reasons, it may be time to explore Senior Living Communities. Stellar Living has many beautiful communities with endless resources available to help you. Contact our Family Advisors today for more information.