When Your Parents Don’t Want Your Help

This is a common situation that many people find themselves in. Try to put yourself in your parents’ shoes. None of us wants to lose our independence, and that doesn’t change as we age. It can be incredibly upsetting to find we can no longer do things for ourselves that we’ve been doing our whole lives. But no matter how hard you try to empathize with what your parents are feeling, it can still be infuriating when your parents refuse to allow you to help them. What are you supposed to do?

First of all, don’t give up on them.

They may be unwilling to accept your assistance at first, but eventually, they may realize they really can’t change that lightbulb or the batteries in that smoke detector. However, if times goes on and they are still adamant about their own independence, you may start to worry about them. Perhaps you are concerned about their safety or what will happen if they fall or become injured. Medical problems often arise as we age, and it might be difficult for your parents to manage their medications or treatment plan on their own. 

If this is the case, you could try asking your parents to move in with you. You could find ways to create a separate living suite for your parents within your home, like in a separate tiny home on your property, or a finished basement, apartment above the garage, etc. If your parents can still have their own space, they might find it easier to accept more assistance from you. 

If your parents don’t want to live with you, or you don’t have space for your parents in your home, it might be time to enlist the help of some professionals.

Senior Living Communities, like those offered by Stellar Living, can give your parents all the help they require, while still maintaining their independence in their own private apartment. You can rest assured that should they fall, help is moments away. Medical care is readily available at all hours. If your parents need help with routine activities like bathing and dressing, it may be much easier for mom or dad to accept help from a nurse at the community than from their child. Memory care and skilled nursing facilities are also great options should your parents require more care.

There are many options to keep your parents safe, even if they don’t want your help. Stellar Living Family Advisors are happy to help talk you through your options. Give them a call today!