Fall Fun in Senior Living Communities

Senior living communities are fun in every season, and fall is no exception. Because senior living is such a vibrant and fun community, there are tons of fun fall activities at senior living communities! So, here are just a few activities that might be offered at your senior living community this fall. And if you see an activity you’re interested in that is not offered at your community, talk to your community staff! Chances are, they can also make this happen in the future.

Fall Senior Living Activities

  • Nature walks! In addition to at-home fun, most senior living communities offer off-site excursions, like easy hikes and nature walks. Perhaps there is even a walking path near or at your community. You can enjoy the fall leaves, the crisp air, and maybe even some wildlife sightings on nature walks.
  • Outdoor games. Games like bean bag toss, bocce, golf or mini-golf can be fun and easy ways to get social in your community.
  • Trips to local museums. Your community could take you to a museum, planetarium, or other local attractions. Because exhibits often change with the seasons, check out what is near you today!
  • Art classes. Art is a great way to combat dementia and exercise your creative muscles, as well as just really fun. Your community might have watercolor classes, craft projects, or other art options this month.
  • Musical performances. Local groups could come to play at your community, or you might learn to play an instrument or enjoy some music therapy.
  • Indoor games. Games like shuffleboard, Bingo, Scrabble, Mahjong, and more are great ways to spend a rainy afternoon. Most senior communities offer these types of games on a regular basis.
  • Trivia competitions. Do you enjoy watching Jeopardy? Then you will love competing at trivia night! See how your knowledge measures up to your fellow seniors.
  • Movie night. Movies and popcorn are a great way to get to know your neighbors, and a fun way to spend an evening. Additionally, you can enjoy movie night no matter the weather.
  • Manicures and pedicures. Some communities offer self-care activities where you can get your nails done in style. When you’re wearing lots of clothing due to chillier weather, pretty nails can cheer up even the stormiest days.
  • Wine-tasting. Wine tasting nights are fun and laid-back social events that are also perfect for fall days.
  • Watch fall sports. Game day snacks and football is a time-honored tradition of American fall weather. So don’t miss out! Cheer for your favorite team along with your senior friends.


These are just a few of the many fun fall activities offered at senior living communities. So, are you considering senior living? Check out one of Stellar’s amazing communities near you today!