Lifelong Learning for Seniors

While your school days might be behind you, you’re never too old to learn. In fact, lifelong learning is a key weapon against cognitive decline! There are endless opportunities for lifelong learning for seniors. But with so many options out there, how do you find them, and how do you know which is right for you? Let’s explore some lifelong learning opportunities that might work for your retired lifestyle.


Take an In-Person College Class

Did you know you might be able to take a class at your local college or university for free? It’s true! Many higher education institutions offer waivers for people over 60 to take free college courses. Some colleges that provide free tuition to seniors include California State Universities, Clemson University, Colorado State, Georgia Institute of Technology, Ohio State, Pennsylvania State, and many more. The University of Utah offers college classes to seniors for just $25 per semester. Check universities and colleges near you to see if you can take classes for free or very low rates! Whether you regret not taking that Astronomy class in college, or are curious about art history, chances are it’s not too late. 


Take an Online Class

There are many free or paid online classes you can take to learn almost anything you’d like. You can take free technology classes, learn anything from fashion design to presidential history with MasterClass, or take a class on illustration, photography, crafting or more from Skillshare. Harvard University also offers a variety of free online courses. With these many online course options that fit all budgets, you can really learn anything you’d like from the comfort of your home. You’ll also often be able to take the classes on your own schedule, whenever you’d like.


Take a Class at your Senior Living Community or Community Center

If you live in a senior living community, you probably have lots of classes where you can learn new skills like floral arranging, yoga, and more. Check out your community’s activity schedule to see what types of classes are being offered and when. If you are considering moving to senior living, Stellar Living’s communities offer many lifelong learning opportunities. Click here to tour one near you today.


With all of these different options, from in-person college classes to free online courses, there’s really no excuse to stop learning. Lifelong learning has many benefits for seniors. It’s a great defense against dementia, prevents retirement boredom, and might inject some new passion and purpose into your life. If you have a spouse or partner, involve them in your new learning too! Studies show learning new things together promotes closer relationships. Continuing to learn helps keep your brain young and your heart happy. Choose something new to learn and get started now–there’s no time like the present.