LifeLoop: Providing a Deeper Level of Connection

What is LifeLoop?

Stellar Senior Living is proud to announce our new partnership with LifeLoop! LifeLoop connects senior living residents, staff, and family members with its inclusive software. 

By capturing each resident’s daily activities, LifeLoop gives family members a new level of transparency and helps them maintain a more meaningful connection with their loved ones. The software can be used on any device with internet access. It allows family members to see their resident’s daily activities, attendance, and photos from the community. Family members can also directly upload photos and videos via the LifeLoop app for their loved one to see, making it easy to share important family events, milestones and more. 

“We built the entire LifeLoop platform around the idea of connection. Whether families live close by or across the country, we want to give them a little peace of mind and bridge the gap between residents and their families.”

-LifeLoop CEO Amy Johnson

LifeLoop provides one easy place for families to go for communication. It allows them to get in touch with their loved one’s caregivers across all levels. Family members can message their loved ones directly, and they can also easily get in touch with the staff members who are caring for them on a daily basis. In addition to sending and receiving messages from the LifeLoop app, family members will also receive important announcements from the community directly to their phone via a text message or email. Every connected family member will also receive a weekly summary email highlighting what their loved one did over the past seven days.  

Our Commitment to Transparency & Connection

Stellar Senior Living is family owned and operated. We understand the true importance of family connection. Making the decision to move your loved one into a Senior Living Community is not an easy one. If you need help deciding, you can check out this post on when to start considering senior living. You can also read this post to find out if senior living is right for you. We want to make sure that the special connection you have with your family member doesn’t go away once they move to a community. We developed our partnership with LifeLoop with our residents and families in mind. 

“LifeLoop allows us to share those important moments in our residents’ day and streamlines communication for all parties involved. We can post pictures of events and daily activities to each of our residents’ portfolio and their family members can log in to LifeLoop and see what Mom’s been doing today.”

-Caitlin Curtis, Memory Care & Life Enrichment Director

LifeLoop is also very user-friendly. It was developed specifically with senior living communities in mind. The platform is easy to learn and use on any type of device. 

“Investing in a product that would directly impact the lives of our residents and their families in a positive way was incredibly important to us. We know how important that family connection is. This is just another way we can care for our residents and serve them to the best of our abilities.”

-Adam Benton, Senior VP

To learn more about LifeLoop, visit: 

Download the LifeLoop App from the Apple App Store: Click Here 

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