Spring Cleaning for Seniors

It’s finally spring–or at least, that’s what the calendar says! It’s around this time of year that many people get the urge to start spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is a great way to get organized and deep clean your home. It’s also a great idea to take advantage of the energy and motivation you might feel this time of year. So check out these quick tips on spring cleaning for seniors!

Ask for help!

You don’t have to do this job all on your own. If you find it overwhelming or are having a hard time getting around these days, it makes sense  to ask for help. While you might feel reluctant to enlist your loved ones at first, cleaning together can even be a fun bonding experience for friends and family members.

Set goals.

What do you hope to accomplish with your spring clean? If you live in a senior living community, your daily maintenance and cleaning is already done for you. But you may still want to organize that bookshelf, sort through your closet, or go through the stuff in that storage unit. Set clear goals for what, exactly, you will be cleaning or organizing. Making a list and checking things off can make these accomplishments even more satisfying.

Think about the things you don’t normally clean.

Even people who clean and tidy on a daily basis have some areas that just rarely get cleaned. Some ideas include: behind the refrigerator, the dishwasher, your washing machine, inside of drawers and cabinets, and underneath/behind furniture. Spring cleaning is a great time to tackle these neglected areas! Ask for help to pull out your refrigerator and clean behind and underneath it. Run your dishwasher and washer through a self-clean cycle (there are even special tablets meant to clean these appliances!). Pull out your silverware and clean out the drawer. Vacuum underneath your couches. What neglected areas are hiding out in your home?

Keep safety in mind.

While you’re cleaning and organizing your home, take a look at any safety issues that might need to be addressed. For example, loose rugs that tend to bunch up can be a trip hazard. Do showers and bathtubs have safety bars installed? When was the last time fire and carbon monoxide alarms were tested?  Make sure to evaluate your home for safety as you go.

Spring cleaning can be a great time for seniors to refresh your mind and home. If you or your loved one is beginning to find home and yard maintenance overwhelming, you might want to start considering senior living. Stellar Living offers many luxurious senior living communities with varying levels of care. Find a community near you today!