How to Feel Younger: 3 Healthy Habits to Try Today!

Good news: you don’t have to wait for someone to discover the fountain of youth to start feeling younger! While there’s nothing wrong with aging, and there are plenty of benefits of getting older, nobody likes feeling old. Luckily, with these 3 healthy habits, you can start feeling younger today.

Remember to Play!

Do you remember playing make-believe for hours as a kid? During childhood, play is how we spend most of our time. Playing wasn’t just for fun–it was serious business, and it was how you learned to crawl, stand, pick up items, and eventually walk. The next time you’re around any puppy, kitten or baby, watch to see how much they learn from playing. We can still play to learn as adults. While at some point playing dolls or race cars probably lost its appeal, you didn’t stop needing play in your life. Play helps you relieve stress, increases your creativity, and allows you to be more present in your life. 

So how do you start playing again? Choose something you enjoy just for the sake of doing it, not for a specific end result. You could play golf or another outdoor game with a friend, work on a puzzle, or play legos with a grandchild (or even alone!). Take an art or pottery class, bake bread, or even just go for a playful walk around the neighborhood. It’s less about what you do and more about how you do it. Anything you enjoy can become play when you take the pressure off and just enjoy the process!

Find Joyful Movement

Nothing makes you feel old like that creaking sound your knees make as you get up from a chair. While a little popping and creaking is par for the course of life, moving your body now will make it easier for you to keep moving later. If you can move more easily and joyfully, you’ll also feel younger. Here are some easy ways to get started with exercise as an older person. If you’re having a hard time choosing which type of movement to try, here are the 6 best exercises for seniors. You don’t need to run marathons or become an Olympic swimmer. Any kind of movement that you enjoy and makes you feel good will also help you feel younger.

Revive Your Youth

What did you like to do when you were a kid or young adult? What kinds of music did you listen to? What movies did you like to watch? What did you want to spend all your time doing? Listen, watch, or do one of those things (or a variation of one…pottery instead of play-doh, for example). Sometimes all we need to remember what youth feels like is a little nudge from the past. Connecting with (or at least remembering) who you were as a child can bring a little of that childhood magic back to life. Spend a little time with “young you” every day, and pretty soon you’ll find that younger version of yourself never actually left.

With these simple tips, you’ll be feeling younger in no time. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with getting older. It’s all about your attitude! If you need help getting started, check out Stellar Living’s Communities, where play, movement, and nostalgia are easy to find every day.